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The ADGWC, Inc. is fully committed to the revitalization of the historic site of the A.D. German Wholesale Company. This site consists of two landmark structures, connected by a shared canopy. Local entrepreneur, Albert Delvino German, built the first warehouse on Hazeltine Street in 1912 to house his wholesale business. His early commercial success lead to his most lasting achievement, constructing the innovative 4 story warehouse on Church Street designed by master architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The rehabilitated warehouses will include exciting interior and exterior spaces, permitting this historic complex to become a viable, compatible and sustainable multiuse property.

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The ADGWC, Inc. has retained preservation specialists, Isthmus Architecture, Inc. ( to oversee the rehabilitation of both buildings. In November 2015, working with the ADGWC, Isthmus completed a Revitalization Feasibility Study to assess the potential scope and success for a project. In March 2017, Isthmus Architecture and consultants completed an intensive condition survey of the cast concrete frieze that dominates the fourth story Wright structure. This resulted in a Preservation Plan for the architectural concrete elements which are of great historic significance.

Plans and specifications for the actual rehabilitation are being prepared by Isthmus Architecture for the project with an estimated cost of $4 million. Based upon these documents, the ADGWC, Inc. has been approved by the National Parks Service to receive a minimum of $1.3 million in historic tax credits to be used to help fund the rehabilitation. The ADGWC, Inc. is now completing a detailed business plan funded in part by a grant from the USDA. The ADGWC, Inc. is actively engaged in fundraising to raise the balance of required funds through grants, donations and other incentives. It is the goal of ADGWC, Inc. to begin the rehabilitation work in early 2020.

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The Conservancy


Barb Marshall

Vice President

Jane Kintz


Ashley Mott


Tim Abair

AD German Warehouse Board Members

Barry Ziegahn

The A.D. German Warehouse Conservancy, Inc. (ADGWC) is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive space where all individuals regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, faith, religion, sexual orientation or identity, education, or disability feels welcome, valued, and respected. In addition to our mission of restoring the national treasure that is the FLW designed A.D. German Warehouse and its companion, The 1912 Warehouse, we are committed to offering a variety of programs and events which reflect the great diversity within our community and beyond. As a nonprofit organization, our goal is to provide a wide range of events and entertainment to engage the public in the ultimate mission of preserving these unique architectural gems.  We strive to cultivate a welcoming, inclusive environment informed by the original vision of Frank Lloyd Wright for this beautiful, expansive building, and we are enriched by the thoughtful partnerships with diverse individuals and groups within our community. Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of what we do, and we will strive to create a space in which the public can celebrate in manifold ways the magnificence and wonder of the A.D. German Warehouse for generations to come.

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