Preserve the Warehouse

The A.D. German Warehouse Conservancy, Inc. has as its mission the restoration and re-purposing of this national historic landmark in Richland Center. With a completed project, the City of Richland Center and the surrounding community will gain a destination landmark that will draw many more visitors from around the world than it does now, increasing its impact on our community. This effort is a catalyst for economic development in several different areas.


The Warehouse and the adjacent1912 Warehouse will offer spaces specifically for Heritage Tourism, events including a rooftop outdoor venue that is unlike anything in the area, a possible pop-up restaurant, and the Driftless Area Innovation Center.

The A.D. German Warehouse Conservancy, Inc. (ADGWC) was established in Sept. of 2013.  ADGWC is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to the renovation of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed A.D. German Warehouse (National Register of Historic Places 1974).  We are committed to see this building redeveloped and occupied with a stable primary use compatible with the building and a heritage tourism program. All donations are tax deductible: ADGWC P.O. Box 436 Richland Center, WI. 53581.

Recent activities include:

  • The Conservancy purchased the 1912 Warehouse which was integral to our development plans; it is being used to provide both event space and sources of earned income;

  • The design plans for the restoration of the Warehouse have been revised as they move through the historic preservation process;

  • We have raised $600,000 in private funds, with many requests in process

  • We received a grant of $12,700 from the USDA to assist in exploring potential uses and partners for the Driftless Area Innovation Center. This planning is nearing completion and has identified exciting ideas and potential partners;

  • We are in the process of submitting an additional request to develop the overall business plan to the EDA. This must be matched - match funding is in process

  • Both the USDA and the EDA have indicated interest in additional significant construction funding if we continue our forward momentum. We are also researching additional private foundation and public funding sources;

  • We have re-submitted our application to the very competitive Save America’s Treasures grants program, requesting $360,000 for the frieze and the roof;

  • We have received state and federal historic tax credits that should bring approximately $1,300,000 to the project;

  • The ADGWC Board registered the Driftless Area Innovation Center name and logo;

  • We are working with the City to determine sources for any potential funding;

  • We launched the Legacy Terrace Paver program to allow people to have their name, a business name, or the name of someone they want to honor or remember engraved in a paver in a designated area in front of the Warehouse.

  • We have developed an exciting Calendar of Events that will draw people of all ages to Richland Center and help us refine our plans for the Event Space;

  • We completed the 100 Extraordinary Women segment, which has now received $1000 pledges from 104 women; each will have their names listed in the garden.



300 South Church Street, 

Richland Center, WI 53581


Tel: 608-649-1915

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