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With $360,250 Save America’s Treasure Grant . . . A.D. German Warehouse Conservancy efforts enhanced

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

The A.D. German Warehouse Conservancy (ADGWC) is the recipient of a grant through the Save America's Treasures grant program, funded by the Historic Preservation Fund, and administered by the National Park Service, Department of Interior. The Richland Center grant is one of only two selected for funding in Wisconsin. This grant requires a dollar for dollar match.  We need your support.  Our goal is to raise these additional matching funds by 12/31/20 to continue with renovation start up in 2021

“We are so pleased to be among just 41 proposals nationwide that have been funded,” said ADGWC president Derek Kalish. “With the potential of $360,250 our efforts to preserve and enhance the only Warehouse designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Wright’s only building in his birthplace are stronger.”

According to Kalish, “We are extremely excited and appreciative of the confidence they have placed in us with the awarding of this grant. These funds are critically important to the overall restoration of the A.D. German Warehouse and will help us secure the 'envelope' of the building, including the iconic frieze, and will also allow us to complete interior work so that the building becomes a usable and important part of our area."

Kalish added, “It is a matching grant program. Now, we just need to raise the match.”

The Warehouse is located at 300 S. Church Street, in Richland Center. For more information about the project, tours, history, activities, donor opportunities at the A.D. German Warehouse, visit or phone 608-649-1915.


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